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taken up the issue had governor romney done so. and, of course, that's history. no sense mopping yarborough's with it here tonight to but the fact is here is some much there that the national media has not gone after that the republican party has not gone after. this white house has refused to be straightforward. obviously running of the clock is the expression. >> right. lou: and one of the few things that is transparent about this. >> look. even with the press corps this week with the president on this, there was no attempt to really get to the bottom of this the closst question was something along the lines of do you think you should have known before the election that, you know, about petraeus? well, tha presumes the white house line which is that he did not know. the things the president chose not to know before the election is mind-boggling. and so they kept it from the public because it was convenient >> and another travesty here, you have these female members of congress that are calling the fact that we are going after the un ambassador because she is a womaof color, and
blame george w. bush, which the exit polls said people did, and the economy, give me more time. romney won the economic issues, igor, but he didn't win it by that much. so i don't think the republicans got their message out. >> larry, i don't think he won the economic issue. you look at the exit polls, 60% -- >> i'm looking at the exit polls. >> and they show that 60% of voters want to increase taxes on the rich -- >> no, no, no. i'm not even going there. i'm talking about unemployment -- >> but you look at the polls that's the economic message. the -- >> that is not -- look. romney won all the economic polling data. by the way, your 60% number is incorrect. everybody talks about that number. 60% of people didn't want a tax hike at all. what i'm saying is do you think -- just take your partisan hat off for a minute. >> it's not even on today. >> do you think that romney made the economic growth case? that's really what i'm trying to ask you. >> no. i don't think romney made any kind of strong policy case on anything. and the problem is for the republican party it's not just message. it
out of the talking points s that obama could win the election. so it would ot be a political issue so the president,again, the politics of for country. lou: it's prett clear tha mitt romney made a tremendous mistake in not taking the initiative on benghazi, despite all that occurred in thedebate. he had every opportunity in the third debate to drive that issue for work and did not. >> he absolutely did. my colleague and i made tha same point before the election. we said, if he did not do it he would not be president. he didn't do it. he is a pesident. you can't bear to be cautious in politics, especially in the most especially when you have the facts in your side. lou: a lot of the folks said th this docile lap dog liberal national media would only have taken up theissue had governor romney done so. and, of course, that's history. no sense moppi yarborough's with it here tonight to but the fact is tere is some much there that the national media has not gone after that the republican party has not gone after. this white house has refused to be straightforward. obviously running of the
. sour grapes or does mitt romney have a point? >> well, you know, the president did campaign on those issues, but whether or not he won because of them is a separate question. and republicans are supposed to be the party of personal responsibility. so i can understand why governor jindal was none too pleased with mitt romney's assessment. >> and maria, what about you? mitt romney, he got in trouble after the tape that was leaked of him talking to the donors last spring about the 47% who were in the bag for obama. he apologized for saying that, but then you have something like this. what do you think? >> exactly. and this is exactly why he lost, randi. these comments are absolutely pathetic. and they demonstrate mitt romney's lack of an understanding of who we are as a country, of the demographics of this country, of the contributions that all of these demographics make to this country, and frankly, of his disdain for probably 47% or more of the country. and so i'm glad that republicans are standing up to him, because i think republicans understand that they are standing on the cliff o
for the first debate and comes out of it. >> that was one of the things ever since i started working for romney six years ago, if i could get the guy in to everybody's living room for ninety minutes a seen et communed of the issue he has and the vision for the country that he would be able to win. that was something that we looked as we prepare forked the debate. this is his chance to sit down for ninety minutes and cut through the thirty-second advertising that bombarding people about the negative information about romney. i was surprised not just i was happy with the performance in denver. i think largely because of an irishmen. i expect the worse to happen. i was so -- you know, you are pleasant surprised. but the prep session i didn't believe went very women. i thought extraordinary and good at getting at romney and putting him on the defensive and june, you know. i thought the performance wise it was talking point and it was true. once he knew that and took it and didn't we saw the result. >> what do you think he'll do now? >> i don't know. he'll spend time with family. one of the things i
issue. we talked to him about jobs. buffett is more optimistic than most people. i want you to hear our exchange. >> both president obama and governor romney's camps put out there that their plans could feasibly create 12 million jobs over the next four years. my colleague ali velshi has been hammering away at this, saying that math doesn't add up. it's tough to do that and see that happening. do you think that's at all realistic? >> people toss around numbers in cap pains. it's silly to say this will create 2 billion jobs or this will cost 8 billion jobs. they don't know. it will get them in the papers, get them on television, but what will create jobs in this country are the same things that have created for the last 200-plus years. the american economy works very well. we went through one of the great financial panics of all time. and we have been coming back from that, and we'll continue to come back from that. but it doesn't happen in a week or a month when you have this sort of cataclysmic panic we had, really, particularly in the financial world. but it was housing induced bubbli
to better position themselves for next election? >> i think immigration reform is an issue there they're already working on. you saw boehner is already making different remarks about it. mostly you're going to see a difference in tone. did you notice this week mitt romney makes this comment that was obviously not the right thing to say, and basically a representation of the remark he made earlier. and you saw bobby jindal jumped on him. but not just that, but so did pretty much every republican in washington and elsewhere jumped on him. you're going to see a difference in tone from the republicans. and i don't know if that will work or not, but you're definitely going to see it. and you're already seeing the early signs of it. >> so then, peter, what is the first step in rebuilding the party? >> i think the first step in rebuilding the party is distancing itself from its last nominee, but also distancing itself from george w. bush. and this has been a big problem for the republicans is that they've always been a sort of loyalist party that sticks by their guys that was a big problem f
right now and will we see a ground war? plus the white house just issued new comments on general petraeus's capitol hill testimony. we'll bring those to you in minutes. new twist on the mitt romney gift comments and some red states asking to secede from the union. >>> and climate romney's gift statementswant to secede from the union. >> thank you. >>> up next, our foot soldier of the week. . part of a whole new line of tablets from dell. it's changing the conversation. ♪ secede. >>> do you remember being a teenager, how important and difficult it was to find a safe space? a place where you could be yourself and speak your mind? safe space is more than just a metaphor for lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender youth. in new york city 40% of the city's estimated 38% homeless youth are lgbt. safety is especially challenging for transgender youth. this is transgender awareness week, culminating in a day of remembrance for all those who have been victimized because of their gender identities. when you face homelessness and violence, refuge is much more than a symbol, it's a necessi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)